BioConference Live 2014
BioConference Live 2014

Binding Site at the Clinical Diagnostics & Research online virtual conference

This online conference took place live in May, and you may still view it and participate at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Visit the Binding Site virtual booth for a chance to win a free iPad.
  • Earn complimentary CME & CE credits by watching a live educational webcast.

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Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma in the Primary Care Setting

Educational Webinar Resource for Clinicians
Drs. Edward Stadtmauer and Craig Wynne address Multiple Myeloma in the primary care setting, including common symptoms, current standard of care in the assessment process, and which diagnostic tools are available to aid in the diagnosis.  Click here to view: www.managingmyeloma.com.

Free Webinars
Free Webinars

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Interested in learning how Freelite® serum free light chain assays are used to help diagnose and monitor Multiple Myeloma? Attend a free webinar given by Key Opinion Leaders and experts in the field of Myeloma.

Antisera, Antigens & Human Sera
Antisera, Antigens & Human Sera

Reagents and Materials for IVD Manufacturers

Antibodies, secondary antibodies, antigens, disease state fluids and other reagents that Binding Site has made available to other IVD manufacturers here.

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